Shannon is a man from a small town in Georgia. He is efficient at providing excellent customer service and has many years of experience in the lawn service business. Shannon is someone you can count on that will be there when you need him. He is reliable, dependable, and always on time. Verifiable response from customer.: "My dad has always cut his own grass until recently his mower stopped working, he said that he would rather pay someone else to mow his grass for him than he had purchase a new one. He was not going to just pay anyone to cut his grass, he wanted someone that he could count on to do the job for him. So then i recommended Shannon. My dad, a man who wants things done right the first time called me later and said "He's got the job, he done a really good job." Being Shannon had done such a good job, my dad offered to pay him a little extra."

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The Dark Forest of Atlas

Shannon's lawn care is commited to serving the needs of all his valuable customers.